Technical data

  • bright, passenger-friendly interior with customized design
  • excellent visibility trough the whole passenger area
  • low-floor section > 70%
  • passenger information system
  • spacious multipurpose area in entrance section
  • 6 doors on each side for fast passenger ingress/egress
  • air-conditioned passenger and driver compartments
  • vacuum toilet system, also suitable for persons with reduced mobility
  • ergonomically designed driver's cab
  • fibre class reinforced front section
  • automatic coupler
  • welded superstructure built with extruded aluminium profiles
  • air-suspended motor and trailer bogies
  • redundant traction chain; 4 converters with water-cooled IGBT-modules
  • vehicle control system with train bus and diagnostic computer
  • CCTV system
  • multiple traction, maximum 3 train units

Train data

Customer: Junakalusto Oy, Finland
Operation area: Train traffic in the metropolitan area and in southern Finland
Track gauge: 1‘524 mm
Type code: Sm 5
Supply voltage: 25 kV, 50 Hz
Axle arrangement: Bo' 2'2'2' Bo'
Number of trains: 32
Putting into service: starting in 2009/2010
Seating capacity: 232
Fold-up seats: 28
Standing capacity: (4 pers./m2) 323 (according to DIN 25008)
Floor height: Low floor 600 mm, high floor 1‘120 mm
Door width: 1‘300 mm
Longitudinal strength: 1‘500 kN
Overall length: 75‘200 mm
Vehicle width: 3‘200 mm
Vehicle height: 4‘400 mm
Weight in running order: 132 t
Bogie wheelbase: motor bogie 2‘700 mm; trailer bogie 2‘750 mm
Powered wheel diameter, new: 860 mm
Trailer wheel diameter, new: 800 mm
Continuous power at wheel: 2‘000 kW
Maximum power at wheel: 2‘600 kW
Starting traction effort: 200 kN (47km/h)
Starting acceleration: 1.2 m/s2
Maximum operating speed: 160 km/h