SM5 train

The new commuter trains improve the travelling comfort in the commuter traffic of the metropolitan area significantly. It is easy to access the low-floor train also by passengers travelling with a pram or bicycle or using a wheelchair. Moving inside the train is also easy because the trains do not have doors between the vestibules and passenger compartments. It is easy to find a vacant seat in the spacious interior.

The commuter trains are air-conditioned and have electronic displays for passenger information. Air curtains have been installed in the door-side panels and they operate in cold weather. Air curtains prevent ingress of cold air to the vestibule when the entrance doors of the train are open. Additionally, the trains are equipped with a heat recovery system that is unique in Finland.

The length of the Sm5 train is 75 metres. A train in operation can be composed of three train units at the maximum.

In total, more than thousand Flirt trains delivered by Stadler are in operation worldwide, mainly in different parts of Europe. Junakalusto Oy’s train unit No.58 was the thousandth Flirt train delivered by Stadler. The train has been modified regarding the track gauge and technology so that it fits for the track network and demanding weather conditions in Finland. Stadler has used also Finnish expertise in the modification work since the beginning of the design.